Hairless and Care-less:


All waxing is done with a European wax. Any sensitive areas (face and bikini area) will be done with a hypoallergenic natural hard wax. This ensures that you will not leave feeling irritated and red. The soft wax will only be used on larger body parts (arms,legs,back and chest). I am certified in speed waxing but only use these techniques if my client is in a rush. Don't worry about leaving sticky! I will apply a mixture of tea tree astringent and grape seed oil to kill bacteria and rid any left over residue. Here is a list of all of my waxing services. 

  • Brow Shaping $20

  • Nose $10

  • Lip $10

  • Chin $15

  • Sideburns $15

  • Full Face (with brow shaping) $55

  • Full Face (without brow shaping) $40

  • Underarm $25

  • Full Arm $40

  • Half Arm $25

  • Back $40

  • Chest $40

  • Bikini $25

  • In-Between-i $35-$40

  • Brazilian (front and back) $60

  • Full Leg $55

  • Half Leg $30

please ask about maintenance pricing during service